Fashion Collages by Pablo Thecuadro

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Pablo Thecuadro’s fashion collages express the duality in human beings.

Pablo Thecuadro was born in 1992 in Zaragoza, Spain. He is a photographer and collage artist who works for both commissioned and self initiated projects. Pablo Thecuadro says his collages are expressions of the duality of our personality. In his handmade work he wants to reflect both our real personality as well as the the person we want to be. The creation of a collage can be a long or even never ending process. You can use as many images you want and combine them in many different ways. He often uses different fashion portraits to create these unique artworks. Some of his pieces have been featured in publications such as Vanidad and AnOther Magazine. Here you can see some examples. Feel free and discover more of his handmade artworks on his website or follow him on Instagram.



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